Table Captains are the heart and soul of our annual fundraising luncheon.

They are dedicated individuals who invite guests to fill a table at the Women Helping Women Fund Tri-Cities Annual Luncheon. Each table guest is asked to contribute a minimum of $100; thanks to the generosity of our underwriters, 100% of luncheon donations directly support programs that benefit women and children.

Annually, Table Captains help us fill the luncheon with over 1,000 guests, raising funds to be granted in the following year’s allocation process.

2016 Table Captains

Shannon Aiello
Sunny Almeida
Sherry Armijo
Nichole Banegas
Stephanie Bannworth
Angeline Brotherton
Fran Brown Pickett
Denise Buelt
Shannon Burgess
Valerie Burnett
Connie Carson
Adelaide Cashman
Sylvia Chapman
Kathy Clapper
Debbie Clarke
Brandlelyn Cole
Melinda DeLong
Elaine Diaz
Rob DiPiazza
Jill Douglas-Sanchez
Melissa Edberg
Misty Fewel
Cindy Fredrickson
Judith Gidley
Linda Gustafson
Louise Gustafson
Tara Haight
Janell Hales
Rachael Hammer
Kathleen Hanson
Mary Lynn Heinen
Rachel Hill
Janet Hooper
Avonte Jackson
Traci Jao
Alysia Johnson
Anneliese Johnson
Ellen Kathren
Cathy Kelly
Lori King
Cynthia Kittson
Katie Klute
John LaFemina
Tricia MacFarlan
Kandi Maguffee
Samantha Markus
Carla Martinez
Priscilla Martinez
Marla Marvin
Catherine Mech
Laurie Miller
Kris Ann Mitchell
Hollie Mooers
Joan Moore
Kaylee Morris
Renee Munoz
Jamie Ohl
Shirley Olinger
Jennifer Ollero
Melody Otness
Pam Pedro
Linda Pegram
Beth Perry
Katherine Perry
Jennifer Peterson
Cynthia Preszler
Kelly Rae
Courtenay Rojas
Nancy Rosselli
John Scheline
Lori Selby
Jane Sereda
Erin Smith
Linda Smith
Lynn Stedman
Dot Stewart
Anel Suarez
Sheila Sullivan
Amanda Swan
Sharon Swanson
Tammy Taylor
Muriel Templeton
Audra Thurman
Sarah Timmons
Jordan Vannoy
Peggy Vasquez
Wendy Veysey
Denise Warner
Johanna Weeks
Staci West
Mayor Steve Young
Jean Zimmerman
Sara Zirkle

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