General Information

The Women Helping Women Fund Tri-Cities luncheon is our main event and largest fundraiser. Each October, passionate individuals join us during their lunch hour to dine on a delicious meal, listen to an inspirational speaker and raise money for those in need. Audience size is usually near 1,000 and first timers often remark at the grandeur of it all. But the real draw is the ability to come together to make a difference in our local community. Each attendee graciously donates a minimum of $100 and 100% of the funds raised stay in our community. Each dollar raised at the luncheon is awarded to a local non-profit agency through our grant program, and the luncheon is paid for by the generosity of our underwriters and corporate sponsors.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Noon – 1:30pm

TRAC Facility

Pasco, WA


This Year’s Speaker

Each year, a dynamic and inspirational guest is invited to speak at the Women Helping Women Fund Tri-Cities luncheon. The board’s goal is to feature someone who understands the importance of giving and the difference we can all make together. Check back here to learn more about this year’s speaker once we’ve announced it.

Libby Moore

Libby is a certified life coach, speaker/story teller, adventurer and creative connector who loves inspiring people to reconnect to possibility in their lives and careers. She served as Chief Of Staff to Oprah Winfrey for eleven years. She also worked as a Consulting Producer with the original team that created the Emmy award-winning Super Soul Sunday on OWN, The Oprah Winfrey Network. Prior to her years with Oprah, Libby was an executive assistant to Jann Wenner of Wenner Media, publisher of Rolling Stone, US Weekly, and Men’s Journal. Libby credits Maury Povich for launching her executive assistant career: he was the first to hire her as a personal assistant

She currently lives a creative and inspired life, helping others discover strengths they didn’t know they had and reaching dreams they never thought they’d achieve.

The Power of Belief

From Libby’s childhood as a struggling student whose mom told her she could do anything she wanted, to her eleven years as Oprah Winfrey’s Chief of Staff, she was always bolstered by women who believed in her. Despite this, she didn’t always believe in herself.  In fact, she came quite close to ending herlife when she was 21.

Since then she has learned that it is our thoughts that determine the direction our lives take. This belief was reinforced as she worked by Oprah’s side, where she saw how much she was able to accomplish by believing in herself and empowering others.

She has now committed my life to helping others discover this same power of belief. In her talk, she will discuss how we can all align ourselves with our higher purpose and live our best lives.

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