2019 Grant Recipients

Program: Children’s Developmental Center

Agency: Applied Behavioral Analysis

Children’s Developmental Center strives to empower families and improve children’s lives through comprehensive early intervention services. The center serves children with developmental delays and special needs in Benton & Franklin Counties.

The Applied Behavioral Analysis program is for children ages 2-6 with a medical diagnosis of Autism. Scientifically based, it uses highly structured individualized treatment plans and therapies to address the uniqueness of each child’s needs and to improve socially important issues like behavior problems and learning. Parents, caregivers, teachers, and therapists work together to integrate the plan throughout the child’s daily life.


Program: College & Career Readiness with CISBF

Agency: Communities In Schools of Benton Franklin

Communities in Schools of Benton Franklin work to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.

College & Career Readiness with CISBF has a goal to reduce the incidences of high school dropouts while empowering students to explore college and career readiness opportunities using key components through school-wide, targeted programming and case management services:

♥ Engagement in activities that promote the importance of college

♥ Addressing the root causes of high school dropouts; providing support for basic needs while informing and connecting students to personalized community services.

♥ Implementation of initiatives around college and career readiness for group or cohort of students while leveraging community partnerships

♥ Targeted and personalized interventions, such as social and emotional support, academic support, tailored action plans to support preparation activities and strategies for chosen post-secondary pathways and consistent, caring adult/family interactions.


Program: Youth Outreach and Violence Prevention Program

Agency: Domestic Violence Services of Benton & Franklin Counties

Domestic Violence Services of Benton & Franklin Counties is dedicated to create a healthy community free from all forms of domestic violence.

The Youth Outreach and Violence Prevention  program is designed for youth ages 10 to 18. Our specifically trained advocates facilitate   5-7 girls and 5-10 boys weekly, in 8 to 10 week cycles.

Youth can be referred to the program through teachers, school counselors, parents or by anyone that sees a benefit from this program, including the youth themselves. The program is aimed at youth that have witnessed domestic violence or are otherwise at-risk for detrimental behavior.


Program: Transition To Success

Agency: Elijah Family Homes

Elijah Family Homes provides supportive services to those not eligible for public  housing because of activities during their time of active addiction.

The Transition To Success program assists families currently in the EFH housing program and those on the waiting list. Families have been in recovery from substance abuse addiction for at least one year upon program entry, have children under 18, and do not qualify for public housing. Case management includes home visits, Positive Parenting Program, goal setting, compliance monitoring (drug tests and recovery meeting documentation), EFH community meetings, and family activities.


Program: ESL Childcare Program

Agency: Family Learning Center

Family Learning Center’s primary focus is on educational support with a vision to help refugees in the Tri-Cities thrive in their new homeland.

The ESL classes for non-English speaking mothers of preschool aged children can consistently attend daytime English class. The ability for mothers to focus on learning while their children are playing is priceless.  As parents grow their abilities to communicate in English, they will be able to communicate with their child’s teacher,  depend less on their children as interpreters, and contribute more confidently to their community.


Program: Pursuing Potential

Agency: Forge Youth Mentoring

FORGE Youth Mentoring seeks to provide  one-on-one mentoring relationships for children with safe, caring adults. Youth are matched with same gender adults that make a yearlong commitment to meet weekly. Kids who regularly meet with an adult mentor for an average of one hour a week are: 52% less likely to skip school, 46% less likely to begin using drugs, 32% less likely to commit a  violent crime and 27% less likely to begin using alcohol.

The Pursuing Potential program aims to  inspire youth to develop personal and career interests that will propel them toward becoming productive and contributing adults. Mentors will be equipped with assessment tools to coach and inspire mentees, empowering them to envision their possibilities and potential.


Program: Outreach & Intervention for Victims of Sex Trafficking

Agency: Mirror Ministries

Mirror Ministries responds to domestic sex trafficking with the love of Christ through local education, intervention, restoration, and aftercare. Our vision is to see local victims of sex trafficking become survivors who have hope healing, and restoration.

The Outreach and Intervention for Victims of Sex Trafficking program is doing community, street, and online outreach to find victims of sex trafficking. We are   reaching in the hidden marketplace where they are being exploited. We seek them out and intervene on their behalf to connect them with services, and build supportive community. Mirror offers 24/7 local sex trafficking hotline that is answered by trained advocates. They help a victim see that there is hope and a way out of the torture they are enduring.


Program: Northwest Tortoise Kids/Toruga Noreste Para Ninos

Agency: Northwest Tortoise

Northwest Tortoise Kids/Tortuga Noreste Para Ninos will develop an education curriculum through seminars, a bilingual website and bilingual Facebook page focusing on teaching children proper care of turtles and tortoises. There are many benefits to children who are raised with pets. These include increased self-esteem and self-confidence, increased development in trusting relationships with others and instilling increased empathy and compassion within them. Giving a child, their mother and teachers the resources to care for a tortoise correctly will result in a long-lived pet and a happy child.

Northwest Tortoise is a small 501(c)(3) non-profit tortoise rescue serving the entire northwest. Its primary mission is proper tortoise care education. Our goal is to undo the harm caused by a pet industry that perpetuates incorrect care information which results in unhealthy tortoises kept in poor conditions, and a horrible quality of life causing early death.


Program: Homeowner Down Payment Assistance

Agency: Tri-County Partners Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity believes in providing low-income families with a decent and affordable place to live. Since 1994 Habitat has built 112 homes in the Tri-County area.

The Homeowner Down Payment Assistance program will cover three low-income families with single female head of households to assist in absorbing these costs.

Statistics show that unstable housing conditions negatively affect the physical and mental health of a child as well as have detrimental effects on their education including increased absences, lower test scores, and higher likelihood of dropping out.


Program: Education Field Trips to the REACH Museum

Agency: REACH Foundation

The REACH Foundation is dedicated to supporting and increasing access by learners of all ages to inspiring and engaging STEM education experiences at the REACH. These experiences include field trips and interactive activities associated with museum exhibits, STEM family learning workshops, the REACH into the Classroom program, STEM-themed quarterly events, and Boredom Busters education programs during school breaks, an offsite tour program, and other events.

The Education Field Trips to the REACH   Museum will assist schools with increasing populations of under served students. These students cross all ethnic groups. To provide more direct STEM learning to a larger number of children, to focus on funding  Educational Field Trips bringing K-12 students to the REACH for two-hour, age-appropriate, educator-led programs. Exhibits and activities cover a range of STEM subject areas and are aligned with the common core, next generation science and English/Language Arts standards. Our educational curriculum follows the main exhibit themes of the REACH. Course themes offered are Geologic Past, Columbia River, Shrub-Steppe Ecosystem, Washington Agriculture, and Hanford Project.


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