2018 Grant Recipients

Program: In School Grief Support Program

Agency: Chaplaincy Health Care

Chaplaincy Health Care strives to “serve others with exemplary spiritual, emotional and physical care.” We guide comfort and care for people experiencing serious illness, end of life, behavioral health issues, personal crisis and loss.

Research has shown that the unresolved grief in children can lead to negative outcomes such as truancy, behavioral problems, social difficulties, addiction and an increased risk of suicide. The In School Grief Support program will provide a safe environment, where students can express their grief, can significantly reduce the possibilities of these outcomes.

Not all grieving students are able to attend the program at the Kennewick facility. So, we are bringing it to them at school and providing opportunities for them to express their grief through a variety of outlets. Like all Cork’s Place programming, the In-School program is offered at no cost to attendees.


Program: Fueling Kids Futures, It’s Elementary

Agency: Communities In Schools of Benton Franklin

Communities in Schools of Benton Franklin work to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.

The Fueling Kids Futures, It’s Elementary reduces chronic absenteeism using key components through school-wide, targeted programming, and case management services:

  • Engagement in activities that promote the important of attendance
  • Awarding incentives, such as recognition or extra play time; educators can  also ask students what incentives they find to be the most rewarding
  • Targeted and personalized interventions, such as social and emotional support, academic support, tailored action plans and consistent, caring adult/family interactions
  • Feeding and care of minds and bodies – Addressing the root causes of absenteeism, by providing school meals and connecting students with healthcare and mental health services


Program: Youth Prevention in Schools

Agency: Domestic Violence Services of Benton & Franklin Counties

Domestic Violence Services of Benton & Franklin Counties is dedicated to create a healthy community free from all forms of domestic violence.

The Youth Prevention In Schools/Homes program provides 52 “In Their Shoes, Classroom Editions” and 5 “In Their Shoes – Train the Trainer Editions” to give one to every middle school and high school in both Benton and Franklin Counties. Designed with the classroom in mind, In Their Shoes: Teen and Dating Violence; is an engaging way to talk about dating violence and healthy relationships with young people in one class period.


Program: Pediatric Palliative Care

Agency: Heartlinks Hospice & Palliative Care

Heatlinks Hospice & Palliative Care enriches the quality of life for individuals and their families in need of comprehensive end-of-life care.

The Pediatric Palliative Care program supports any child eligible (ages 0-20) facing a potentially life-limiting illness, but does not yet meet the six-month prognosis requirement for hospice admission.

Heartlinks has built a diverse staff of doctors, registered nurses, home health aides, chaplains, social workers, and volunteers to serve the rural and diverse populations of Benton County.


Program: INCLUDE (Inspiring, with No Challenges or Limitations, the University of Dance Experiences)

Agency: Mid-Columbia Ballet

Mid-Columbia Ballet’s mission is to foster and advance the art of ballet in its various forms in the Mid-Columbia region through the presentation of dance performances and educational programs.

The INCLUDE program makes dance instruction and performances accessible to special needs children and their families. This program provides unique opportunities for people with autism spectrum and other disorders. There are two components: 1) dance classes focused on non-verbal communication, body-minded connectivity, and ballet fundamentals; and 2) sensory-friendly performances that engage children and their families in live theatre performances. Performances are a custom version of MCB’s public performances.


Program: Restorative Therapeutic Services for Victims of Sex Trafficking

Agency: Mirror Ministries

Mirror Ministries responds to domestic sex trafficking with the love of Christ through local education, intervention, restoration, and aftercare. Our vision is to see local victims of sex trafficking become survivors who have hope healing, and restoration.

The Restorative Therapeutic Services for Victims of Sex Trafficking program offers a safe place for clients to participate in this holistic care through Intensive Case Management, Survivor Support Groups, Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Yoga, Piano, Guitar, Voice, Self Defense, Life Skills, Success Class, Education and Employment Goals, Cooking, Mentors, Counseling and more. These are Essential services for the healing of their extreme complex trauma. Our goal is to see each victim become a strong survivor who is surrounded by healthy community.


Program: Respite and Art Program for Developmentally Disabled

Agency: Modern Living Services

Modern Living Services seeks to provide housing, life skills, and education resources to developmentally disabled individuals in Benton and Franklin Counties. Through a collaborative approach, we help individuals and their families leverage existing community resources, while offering additional programs to address defined service gaps in our community.

The Respite and Art program is one of a kind in Benton/Franklin Counties. It allows both the individual and parent to have a night away from each other, while the Developmentally Disabled individual is treated to the right to experience some independence and social activities, the parents get a break. Our Art program allows the DD adults to express their creativity thru art.


Program: Leadership for Benton City Youth: Life & Business Skills Coaching for Marginalized Girls & Boys

Agency: Perfect Image Leadership Foundation

The Perfect Image Leadership Foundation prepares young girls and boys to interact positively with peers, mentors, educators and employers.

This new program engages Benton City grade school students in STEAM activities in a safe environment.

By striving to grow positive character attributes, such as teamwork, responsibility and respect in youth so they can avoid the pitfalls of being unsupervised after school at a time when they are most vulnerable to negative influence.


Program: ANSIL (A New Start in Life)

Agency: River of Live MCC

River of Life MCC believes in transforming ourselves as we transform our world. We are called to develop and equip leaders, programs, and ministries that foster physical, mental, and spiritual growth, do the work of justice, act with compassion, and integrate sexuality and spirituality. We will do this through offering refuge, support, resources, and expanding partnerships with organizations in our community.

Providing transitional housing with support, ANSIL Hall for up to 12 homeless young adults (ages 18-20, up to 24) who are enrolled full time in high school to encourage high school completion and gaining of skills needed for self sufficiency and independence. In addition, provide basic hygiene needs through ANSIL Service Center assisting those young adults who are homeless and living on the streets the potential for attending school, training or getting a job.


Program: Camp Memory Bags and Clubs/Mentoring Program

Agency: Royal Family Kids, Pasco

Royal Family Kids Camp changes the lives of children in our local foster care system, ages 6-11 years through a week-long resident Camp and Mentoring through the school year. We work to create life-changing moments for children of abuse that can change their outlook on life forever. Royal Family Kids has a goal of :

  • Treating People Royally (especially Campers)
  • Keep Moving Forward (to grow and improve)
  • Making Moments Matter (creating a secure, successful environment)

The Club/Mentoring program teams Camp volunteers with Campers for the school year; meeting at least 4 hours a month and attending a monthly Club with dinner, songs and activities and a monthly outing. This is the only mentoring program in the country that specifically targets children of abuse in Foster Care.

At Camp we provide each child a duffle bag filled with 2 shirts, water bottle, Birthday gift, hat, name tag, activity/memory book, CD player, CD’s, headphones and tons of other items sometimes even clothes for the week.


Program: Women-On-A-Roll

Agency: Wheelhouse Community Bike Shop

The Wheelhouse Community Bike Shop focuses on education and community. We offer the tools, education, and space to empower everyone to become more engaged in bicycling.

Wheelhouse’s Women-On-A-Roll will teach skills training to empower women and create a community of women cyclists. The main component will be a 6 week Park Tool school advanced repair course which includes safe urban cycling. A women’s only ride series will complement the repair course to foster an empowered and safe community for women to adventure into cycling.


Program: Women Helping Women Become Citizens

Agency: World Relief Tri-Cities

World Relief Tri-Cities empowers the local church to serve the most vulnerable.

Women Helping Women Become Citizens provides permanent resident women with low incomes residing in Benton & Franklin Counties with legal assistance filling out the applications for United States Citizenship and will also make referrals to training classes to prepare for the Citizenship exam. Citizenship strengthens both the recipient and the community as the client becomes eligible to vote, has increased employment opportunities and more opportunities to reunite with relatives from whom they have long been separated. Receiving this assistance without cost allows women to save their limited resources for food, medicine and other basic needs.


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