2016 Grant Recipients

Program: Second Chance Center Rapid Engagement and Empowerment Project

Agency: Benton-Franklin Community Action Connections

The Second Chance Center provides emergency assistance, crisis housing, food and transportation for homeless families unable to access the UGM or to double-up with friends or family. Emphases are on self-sufficiency for women and stability for the children. CAC temporarily houses the families in a safe motel, with food preparation facilities, to get them off the streets. Case workers will then begin identifying and helping provide the tools each family will need to move towards self-sufficiency. Staff will also help these families locate and rent more permanent housing. www.bfcac.org

Program: Transition to Success

Agency: Elijah Family Homes

Transition to Success (TTS), a three-year program of supportive services designed to lead Elijah Family Homes tenant families from homelessness or near homelessness to a higher level of self-sufficiency. The three goals of TTS are 1) to leave with higher levels of income and education; 2) for the children of the families to show some measure of growth toward individual determination; and 3) for at least 60% of the tenants to graduate the program after three years. http://elijahfamilyhomes.org

Program: B4Stage4

Agency: Grace Clinic

B4Stage4 will offer free mental health services for low-income uninsured women with a special emphasis on Spanish-speaking women. The key objective is early identification and intervention for mental health conditions. In addition, B4Stage4 will increase access to mental health services by removing language and financial barriers. When metal health conditions go untreated, women and their children languish needlessly. By resolving these issues, women are empowered to become more resilient and to thrive; and their children benefit greatly. www.gracecliniconline.org

Program: Lunch Buddies

Agency: Ignite Youth Mentoring

Lunch Buddies is a program that involves mentors meeting with a mentee once a week for lunch at the mentee’s school. Mentors will be matched with students who need a little extra support because of school and/or life circumstances. School counselors and administration staff will refer these students to the program. It’s our goal that regular meetings with a mentor improve students’ behavior, improve attitudes toward school and improve attendance rates. www.igniteyouthmentoring.com

Program: Mid-Columbia Women’s Choir and Mid-Columbia Boys’ Choir

Agency: Mid-Columbia Mastersingers

Mid-Columbia Women’s Choir gives women more opportunities to sing in a community environment to enhance social interactions and a give a sense of well-being and support. The Mid-Columbia Boys’ Choir will focus on giving scholarships to those in need which has a positive effect on community engagement and involvement, student achievement and cognitive abilities. Students in low income areas with exposure to the arts are much more likely to graduate from high school and pursue college education. Studies show that singing in a community group fosters relationships, empathy, understanding and health benefits. www.midcolumbiamastersingers.org

Program: Specialized Human Trafficking Advocate

Agency: Mirror Ministries

Human trafficking is a shocking reality, both locally and globally. The purpose of the Specialized Human Trafficking Advocate is to have a specialized human trafficking advocate available for all agencies in the Tri-Cities to utilize when any type of trafficking victim is identified. These victims are frequently minors or have been trafficked as minors and are now adults, where their cases overlap multiple agencies and systems. By having a specialized advocate focused on trafficking victims, they are able to serve as a central coordinating resource to assist the victims, to streamline the process, and resolve these cases more efficiently. http://www.tc-cat.org/.

Program: Royal Family KIDS, Pasco Mentoring

Agency: Royal Family KIDS Camp, Club, Pasco WA

Royal Family KIDS, Pasco seeks to change the lives of children in our local foster care system, ages 6-11 years through a week-long resident Camp and Mentoring through the school year. We work to create life-changing moments for children of abuse that can change their outlook on life forever. Royal Family KIDS, Pasco has the goal of Treating People Royally – especially campers, Keep Moving Forward – to grow and improve, and Make Moments Matter – creating a secure, successful environment. www.pasco.royalfamilykids.org

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